🗒️Liquidity Provider Terms and Conditions


Your total deposit is increased every week at UTC 0:00 Sunday by the earnings (premium paid by policyholders) from deposits.


Withdrawal requests are available at any time, up to the entire deposit amount, after which they enter a waiting period before being refunded to the depositor's wallet. Beginning the first Sunday at 0:00 UTC after the withdrawal request, there will be an 11-week waiting period. The withdrawal amount will be returned to the depositor's wallet right away after the pending period is over.

Even during the withdrawal time, the withdrawal amount is earning a premium. As a result, if more policies are purchased, the final receiving amount can be more than the required amount.

Risk of deduction:

Throughout the deposit term and the waiting time before withdrawals, the deposits will be used to pay for valid claims. Depending on the size of the claim under the defaulted policies, these payouts could range from a small percentage to 100% of your capital. Depositors are urged to investigate the various types of insurance that the collateral pool is providing coverage for.

Change of parameters:

The pool manager has authority over introducing and changing policies inside the pool, which can affect deposit profits and risks. The pool manager may also shorten or lengthen the withdrawal waiting period.

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