TIDAL Staking Pool

Audience: TIDAL token holders. TIDAL staking pool is designed to earn additional TIDAL token as well as supporting the platform's growth by taking certain risks of a payout event.

Benefit: Pre-determined TIDAL token reward will be emitted on a per block basis.

Risk: After the governing risk team clears and validates a hack has happened, the payout process begins. TIDAL staking pool comes into play at this stage to provide collateral to the cover provider(s) in question. The staking collateral provided by Tidal is TIDAL tokens valued at lessor of $100k USD or 10% of the total claimable amount (TIDAL token valuation date of the day before the hack).Withdrawal: withdrawal TIDAL token from staking pool takes 14 days. During the 14 days, token holders are still earning the reward while taking the risk of getting slashed when payout happens.

Withdrawal: withdrawal has a pending period of 14 days, if no protocol has any valid claims during the time frame, withdrawal amount will be returned to staker's wallet.

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