v1 Network Roles

The Tidal ecosystem consists of 4 primary actors

Anyone interested in joining the Tidal ecosystem can choose to participate in one or more of the following three capacities:

Reserve Provider

Reserve providers are users that are staking their stable coins (USDC) as insurance reserve capital with the intention to generate premiums on their capital in exchange for providing coverage for specified insured event(s), if there is no, or a low rate of, protocol failure.

Cover Buyer

Users or entities who wish to cover their assets (TVL) in TIDAL Insurance Coverage Pool. They are the equivalent of insurance policyholders, and are the beneficiary of the payout policy of the cover token purchase (in the event of successful claims assessment).


Guarantors will be able to stake in Guarantor’s Reserves to guarantee a given protocol. Such reserves will be used to compensate reserve providers in the event of paying out a valid claim against the guaranteed protocol, as well as receiving extra yield - a percentage of all the premium sold for the guaranteed protocol. Protocol teams will be incentivized to provide Guarantor Reserves for their own protocols.

TIDAL Staker

TIDAL token holders can stake TIDAL. The staking pool is designed to earn additional TIDAL token as well as supporting the platform's growth by taking certain risks of a payout event - Certain percentage of the staking pool will be used to compensate reserve providers whose capital were reduced during the payout.

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