Provide Guarantor Tokens

Guarantor pool is designed to take insured parties team token as collateral in case of a payout event, in return getting 5% of the stable coin (USDC) premium reward of the insured party, as well as TIDAL incentives.

The more protocol tokens are allocated to the guarantor insurance pool, the greater confidence the public attributes to the safety of their crypto TVL staking activity. At Tidal Finance we facilitate this through incentivizing the guarantors with a certain amount of $TIDAL tokens, while also using these protocol tokens to collateralize the reserve providers USDC capital in the insurance pool. 10% of the claimable amount against the token price day before the hack is distributed to the reserve providers.

Token needs to be held in metamask on polygon network to participate in the guarantor pool. How to transfer token from ethereum to polgyon please refer to "Transfer Token to Polygon" section.

Step 1:Deposit tokens in Guarantor Pool

To deposit guarantor tokens, user can navigate to the gaurantor page and select the protocols they wish to back up. Deposit will not become immediately effective until the beginning of next epoch (or week). Users are free to change the amount in their Pending Deposit until their pending deposit is added into My Balance which represents their pro rata shares in the leveraged reserve pool.

First, you need to approve the deposit action if this is your first time depositing any guarantor token. Click the “+” button and click “Approve” on the pop-up window.

After the approval, you can deposit the desired amount of tokens into your Pending Deposit. Click the “Deposit” button, enter the amount you’d like, and click “Update”.

Step 2: Pending Deposit

It is important to understand your Pending Deposit won’t become immediately effective. On one hand, you need to wait until the beginning of the next epoch to begin to earn the premium and $TIDAL reward. On the other hand, you will not immediately assume the risk of the current insurance epoch, and thus you can still reduce or increase the amount of guarantor tokens you will dedicate to the reserve pool.

$TIDAL Rewards (guarantor mining program)

With TIDAL’s initial launch, early Reserve Provider adopters will get weekly rewards by depositing guarantor tokens into each pool. Up to $115 USD value of TIDAL tokens (~19,000 TIDAL at price $0.006) will be distributed on a weekly basis into EACH guarantor pool, accumulating to an approximately 6% APR for the 100,000 USD value provided by guarantors.

The reward amount is designed to bootstrap approximately 100,000 USD guarantor tokens backing up each protocol.


The guarantor deposit stays in the discretionary guarantor pool at a period of the guarantor provider's discretion. Withdrawal takes upto 14 days to become effective in your wallet. During the pending period, reward is still being earned on a weekly basis.


Loss of principal in case of payouts - The reserves will be used to compensate losses incurred by cover purchasers in case of a hack event in the respective covered protocol. Such payouts might use up a fraction to 100% of your deposits. Tidal makes no representation on the security of the protocols it offers to be insured. Guarantor providers must do their own due diligence and understand the risks associated with covering protocols they chose to provide cover for.

For other risks please refer to the risk section on gitbook.

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